Babbletype Review 2023 | Is It A Good Option For Earning Money?

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Can you type fast and pay attention to details?

Transcription jobs are a great way to earn money online if you can type fast and have good listening skills. Transcription jobs are great because they allow you to work from home and set your own schedule.

In this Babbletype review, we will examine Babbletype to see if it is a good option for earning money online for transcriptionists and translators.

We’ll have an overview of the company, compare the pros and cons of working for Babbletype Transcription, then show you how the company works and its pay rates.

Also, we’ll answer the question; is Babbletype legit?

Finally, we’ll dive deep into Babbletype reviews from people who worked for this company to learn what they think about working for Babbletype.

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What is Babbletype?

Babbletype is a transcription company that offers speech-to-text services such as transcription and translation to the market research industry. With over 20 years of experience, Babbletype has a strong reputation for delivering high-quality work.

John Feldcamp, the CEO and founder of Babbletype, started the company to provide high-quality speech-to-text services for market research. Babbletype has successfully transcribed more than 10 million minutes of audio, making it one of the most trusted names in the market research industry.

Babbletype stands out from other transcription companies because they exclusively rely on human transcriptionists who are native English speakers. This emphasis on human expertise ensures that their transcripts are of the highest quality. Also, this gives an excellent opportunity for English speakers to earn money online.

While Babbletype is open to working with new people, they maintain a highly selective hiring process. They carefully handpick individuals with the necessary skills and experience to join their team.

They are also looking for people who are willing to learn and grow with the company.

Unlike transcription companies like TranscribeMe, GMR Transcription, or Rev, Babbletype is not a good fit for beginners.

If you are searching for a dependable and trustworthy transcription or translation job, Babbletype is an excellent choice to consider. They have a proven track record in the market research industry and offer competitive pay rates.

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Is Babbletype Legit?

Yes, Babbletype is a legit transcription company, and it has been offering transcription and translation services for over 20 years, earning a good reputation in the industry.

Babbletype is a reputable company that has earned the trust of major market research firms like Nielsen, Kantar, and Ipsos. It has a solid track record of working with renowned clients.

It’s important to note that while there are a few negative reviews online, these are mainly from individuals who may be dissatisfied with the pay rates or the availability of work. Babbletype, however, is transparent about its pay rates and work conditions. It is not a scam, as they do pay their workers according to the agreed-upon rates once the work is completed.

Note that many people have left positive reviews about their positive experiences working for Babbletype.

Overall, Babbletype is a legitimate company that provides speech-to-text services. If you are interested in a remote transcription job, Babbletype is a good option worth considering.

Babbletype Pros and Cons

If you’re considering working for Babbletype as a transcriptionist or translator, it’s helpful to understand the pros and cons to determine if it’s the right fit for you.

Pros of working for Babbletype:

  1. Flexible work schedule: You are free to choose your own hours and work from any location with internet access.
  2. Established company: Babbletype has a proven 20-year history of reliably compensating its workers.
  3. Weekly payments: You receive your earnings weekly.
  4. Competitive pay rates for experienced contractors: Skilled professionals can earn a competitive income.
  5. Payment through PayPal: Babbletype conveniently pays its workers via PayPal.
  6. Work-from-home opportunity: You can work remotely from the comfort of your home.
  7. Supportive review team: Babbletype offers readily available assistance from a helpful review team.

Cons of working for Babbletype:

  1. Low pay for beginners: Entry-level compensation may be relatively modest.
  2. Steep learning curve: The learning process may be challenging, especially for newcomers.
  3. Strict requirements: Babbletype has high standards and strict guidelines for its work.
  4. Variable work availability: The amount of work may fluctuate, leading to potential periods of unavailability.
  5. Selective and lengthy application process: The application process is thorough and time-consuming.
  6. Weekly availability requirement: A minimum availability of 15 to 20 hours per week is mandatory.

Babbletype can be a favorable option for individuals seeking flexible and remote work opportunities. However, it’s essential to know the potential downsides before applying.

Babbletype Review: How it Works

Babbletype is a transcription company that provides mainly transcription and translation services to the market research industry. To deliver these services efficiently and on time, Babbletype has a system of doing things in place. 

Here is how Babbletype works:

Step 1:

Clients order speech-to-text services from Babbletype and upload their files to the cloud.

Step 2:

Babbletype assigns the uploaded files to transcriptionists/translators. Longer files are divided into shorter sections and assigned to multiple contractors to ensure quick completion. Babbletype guarantees a two-day delivery for transcription services and a three-day delivery for translation services.

Step 3:

Freelancers work on the assigned files and submit the completed transcripts back to the cloud.

Step 4:

A dedicated review team then thoroughly checks the transcripts to ensure quality. Additionally, clients can review the transcripts themselves after the quality control process.

Step 5:

Once a transcript has been approved and requires no further corrections, the client gets the transcript. At this point, the contractor who worked on the transcript receives payment for their services.

Babbletype Jobs

Babbletype offers flexible speech-to-text jobs that allow you to work from home. You will have control over how much work you take on, when to work, and where to work from. These jobs come on a contract basis. 

The following are jobs offered by Babbletype:

1. Transcription Jobs

Babbletype is always looking for transcribers to join their team. If you decide to join Babbletype as a transcriptionist, your work will involve converting audio into text.

To be a successful transcriptionist, you need strong typing and listening skills. The primary task is to carefully listen to audio and accurately type the spoken words verbatim. It’s crucial to have a solid grasp of the English language and be comfortable using computer word processing software such as Microsoft Word.

Transcriptionists are compensated based on the number of audio minutes transcribed, not the time spent transcribing. On average, you can take between 3 and 8 minutes to transcribe one audio minute. Therefore, the faster you can type, the more earning potential you have.

2. Translation jobs

Babbletype specializes in transcription, mainly transcribing audio recordings for market research. With this in mind, note that translation jobs on Babbletype involve transcribing. 

Babbletype translation jobs differ from regular translation tasks. Instead of translating written documents, the process involves transcribing audio recordings from a foreign language into English. In other words, you listen to the recording in a different language and type out the spoken content in English.

Babbletype offers competitive rates ranging from $1.30 to $1.50 per audio minute. It’s important to note that translation jobs in your language may not always be available.

3. Content Analysis Jobs

In addition to transcription and translation jobs, Babbletype provides opportunities for content analysis. These positions involve carefully examining extensive volumes of raw content to extract, organize, combine, and sort the information. The result is a well-structured collection of content that aids researchers in saving time and drawing timely conclusions for their research.

How much does Babbletype Transcription pay?

Babbletype pay rates vary depending on the type of work you do for the company. Also, your earning potential depends on your typing speed, accuracy, and overall transcription experience.

Like many other transcription companies, Babbletype compensates based on the number of audio minutes transcribed, rather than the time taken to complete the task.

For instance, if it takes you 4 minutes to transcribe one minute of audio, you will be paid for the one minute instead of the 4 minutes it took you to transcribe the audio.

Typically, transcribing one audio minute can range from 3 to 8 minutes of work time. Consequently, transcribing 1 hour of audio could take between 3 and 8 hours. To make more money with transcription jobs and make it worthwhile you have to be fast.

Pay rates for transcription jobs

Transcriptionists on Babbletype make between $0.45 and $0.60 per audio minute or between $27 and $36 per audio hour.

Experienced transcriptionists can earn approximately $9 to $12 per hour of work, considering that it takes three to eight times the length of the audio to complete the task. On the other hand, beginners can expect to earn around $4 per hour of work.

Pay rates for translation jobs 

Working as a translator for Babbletype presents a promising opportunity in terms of earnings.

Babbletype offers translation jobs that pay between $1.30 and $1.50 per audio minute, which translates to $78 to $90 per audio hour.

The actual amount you can earn depends on your speed and efficiency. If you can translate one audio hour in just three hours, you can potentially earn between $26 and $30 per working hour.

Content analysis jobs pay rates

While the exact pay rate for content analysis jobs at Babbletype has not been disclosed, a reasonable expectation is approximately $0.20 per audio minute.

How Do You Get Paid?

On Babbletype, you will get paid through PayPal. Your earnings are deposited into your PayPal account weekly.

Babbletype excels in its payment processing system, providing several advantages for freelancers. 

Firstly, payments are conveniently made through PayPal, offering a hassle-free and widely accessible method of receiving payment. 

Secondly, Babbletype has no withdrawal limit, meaning you get paid regardless of the amount you have earned during the week. 

Lastly, Babbletype is known for its punctuality in payment processing, ensuring that payments are always made on time without any delays.

Babbletype Job Requirements

Babbletype is always looking for new transcribers and translators to join their team, but they are very selective. The transcripts they produce are mission-critical parts of market research projects, and completeness, accuracy, and reliability are absolute requirements.

To maintain its excellent reputation in the market research industry, Babbletype only hires people who meet the following requirements.

  • Must be a native English speaker
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be able to work under strict deadlines
  • Must have a good understanding of English grammar & punctuation
  • Must have good communication and writing skills

While prior experience is not required to work with Babbletype, it is important to possess the necessary transcription skills. Excellent typing and listening skills are fundamental for transcription work.

Please note that Babbletype only hires individuals who are either current or past long-term residents of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand. If you do not meet this residency criteria, you are not eligible to apply for positions at Babbletype.

In terms of equipment, you will need a computer with a reliable internet connection, as the work can only be performed using a computer. We also recommended having high-quality headphones to ensure clear audio playback.

Familiarity with the Express Scribe transcription software is essential. This software will be the primary tool used for transcribing audio files. Additionally, proficiency in using Google Docs is necessary for completing the transcription tasks.

How To Get Started

To get started with Babbletype as a transcriber or translator, you must visit their website to fill out the application form.

If you are interested in the transcriptionist role, here is the link to the page where you will fill out the form. If you want to be a translator, here is the form.

Upon visiting the Babbletype website using the links above, you will find a 15-minute video that walks you through the application process and what to expect from the job.

After watching the video and confirming your interest, the next step is to complete the application form and take a 10-minute transcription test. There is no time limit for the test. You can submit it together with your application.

If your application is accepted, Babbletype will contact you with further instructions. The timeframe for reviewing applications is not specified, so if you don’t receive any response, it means your application was unsuccessful.

Once your application is approved, you will have the opportunity to take paid work through Babbletype. Assignments are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Initially, the pay rates may not be exceptionally high, but over time, as you gain experience, you can expect better compensation rates.

Babbletype Reviews

Are you wondering what others make of the company Babbletype? I went through plenty of reviews so that you won’t have to.

Foremost, Babbletype has a rating score of 2.7/5 on both Glassdoor and Indeed. These are the two major job and salary rating websites, so the reviews on these websites are a true reflection of what people think.

There is a mixture of both positive and negative Babbletype reviews online. Here’s a summary of what people have to say about the company.

Positive Reviews

One common positive aspect that is frequently mentioned in reviews is the flexibility of working for Babbletype. Many individuals express their satisfaction with the ability to work from home and set their own schedules.

The staff at Babbletype is highly regarded, often described as professional and friendly. Reviewers appreciate the company’s transparency and honesty in their approach to work.

A notable advantage of working for Babbletype is the prompt and reliable payment system. Payments are automatically processed through PayPal on a weekly basis, and the company is praised for its consistent and timely payment practices.

Freelancers appreciate the generous time allowance provided by Babbletype to complete tasks. With more than 20 hours provided to finish and submit transcripts, transcribers find this timeframe accommodating in comparison to what other companies offer.

Furthermore, Babbletype is recognized as a conducive learning environment, as the review team is described as helpful and supportive in providing guidance and feedback.

Negative Reviews

The first complaint you will come across is to do with low pay rates. As with most transcription companies, Babbletype pay rates are low, especially for beginners. You will start getting better pay rates as you gain experience and spend more time with the company.

According to feedback, many individuals find Babbletype to have strict quality control measures, which can pose challenges for transcribers. It is important to adhere to their rigorous standards. Additionally, it is crucial to communicate any anticipated delays or inability to meet deadlines. Failure to do so may result in being kicked out.

There are complaints about their way of assigning work. They use a spreadsheet that people say is slow and old-fashioned.

Work isn’t always available. Jobs are only posted once a day, if you miss claiming a job you may not have work for the rest of the day.

Alternative Transcribing Jobs From Home

If Babbletype does not meet your requirements, there are several alternative platforms where you can find transcription work. Some popular options include:

  1. TranscribeMe
  2. GoTranscript
  3. Way With Words
  4. GMR Transcription
  5. Rev
  6. Daily Transcription
  7. Scribie

These platforms offer opportunities for transcription work and may better align with your preferences and needs.

Conclusion: Is Babbletype Worth It?

If you are considering whether Babbletype is the right fit for you, here are some key points to consider:

Babbletype is a highly reputable transcription company that specializes in serving the market research industry. They offer transcription, translation, and content analysis services.

Babbletype values excellence and expects the same from its transcriptionists and translators. While prior experience is not required, they have a stringent selection process and only choose candidates who meet their high standards.

If you have fast typing skills and excellent listening abilities, Babbletype can be a worthwhile opportunity for you. They offer good earning potential, particularly for those who can transcribe quickly and accurately.

However, if you have no prior transcription experience and anticipate making mistakes, Babbletype may not be the best fit. They have strict quality control measures and are highly selective in their hiring process.

We have covered the essential aspects in this review. If there is anything we missed, please let us know in the comments below.

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