Clearvoice surveys review

There are numerous websites that claim to pay people for taking online surveys. In most cases, such sites make fraudulent claims. ClearVoice Surveys claims to pay people for taking online surveys. This ClearVoice Surveys review will assist you in determining whether ClearVoice Surveys is worth your time.

This is a comprehensive ClearVoice Surveys review, but if you want a quick answer to whether ClearVoice Surveys is legitimate and whether it pays, look no further. ClearVoice Surveys is a legit online paid survey site that pays people to take surveys. ClearVoice Surveys pays out once the user has a minimum of $10 on their account. This survey site is one of the easiest to use, making it ideal for beginners. However, it is not the ideal site to earn money with if you are interested in taking online surveys because it has limited cash-out options and a high rate of being disqualified from surveys. Check out Survey Junkie review or discover some of the best survey sites here.

Let’s take a closer look at ClearVoice Surveys to see whether it’s a site you’d consider for taking online paid surveys.

What is ClearVoice Surveys?

ClearVoice Surveys is a paid survey site that rewards users for sharing their opinions. It offers an easy way for people to earn money online by taking paid surveys. ClearVoice Surveys began in 2006, making it one of the oldest and most trusted survey sites.

In addition to taking surveys, people can earn money on ClearVoice by participating in sweepstakes and polls. People can also earn money by inviting friends. Once a user accumulates at least $10, he/she can cash out via Amazon gift cards.

Is ClearVoice Surveys legit?

ClearVoice Surveys is a legit online paid survey site that pays users for completing surveys. ClearVoice Surveys has been in existence since 2006 and for over 15 years now it has been paying people to take surveys. So, if you were wondering whether you would be paid for taking surveys on ClearVoice Surveys, the answer is yes. You will be paid for each and every survey you complete.

Despite the fact that ClearVoice Surveys is a respectable survey site, it isn’t the best survey site for making money. This company has a variety of constraints, including few cash-out options, few surveys, and difficulty in qualifying for surveys. Most of the time, you will begin a survey only to be told that you are not qualified for the survey in the middle of it. You will, however, be paid 10 cents for each survey you get disqualified from.

Is ClearVoice Surveys a scam?

ClearVoice Surveys is not a scam; it is a legitimate survey site that will pay you for every survey you complete. Some would term it fraud because of the high rate at which people are disqualified from surveys. It’s infuriating to get screened out from a survey after spending minutes answering it. Aside from this issue, ClearVoice Surveys is a reputable survey service with thousands of users worldwide.

How does ClearVoice Surveys work?

Almost every company or brand seeks to improve its products or services in order to attract more clients. And they can only do it by soliciting feedback on what aspects of their products need to be improved. This is where ClearVoice Surveys comes in; it works with such brands and at the same time provides consumers with the opportunity to earn money by sharing their opinions.

To begin earning money with ClearVoice Surveys, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an account on the ClearVoice Surveys website and verify your email.
  2. Fill out all of your profile information.
  3. Take surveys, answer polls, enter sweepstakes, or invite friends to earn money.
  4. Redeem your earnings for Amazon gift cards.

Who can join?

So who can join ClearVoice Surveys? Anyone who wishes to make extra money by taking surveys can join ClearVoice Surveys. Users must, however, be at least 13 years old and from the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada.

Pros and Cons

ClearVoice Surveys is a trustworthy site for earning money, however it has certain drawbacks. Let’s weigh the benefits and drawbacks of taking surveys on ClearVoice Surveys:


  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Great customer support
  • You get paid $0.10 when screened out
  • Low minimum withdrawal limit of $10
  • Some surveys can pay as much as $20


  • Few payout options
  • Does not support PayPal
  • Few surveys available
  • It is hard to qualify for surveys
  • It takes time to reach the minimum withdrawal limit
  • Users only get paid once the survey closes, which might take up to 4 weeks

How much does ClearVoice Surveys pay?

ClearVoice Surveys pays anywhere between $1 to $20 per survey. It’s possible to make as much as 20 dollars per survey. However, most of the surveys you will find pays a dollar or less. 

ClearVoice Surveys promises to send out surveys daily; however, these surveys expire after a certain period of time, so make sure to answer them as soon as possible. Furthermore, you will not qualify for every survey you take, but you will get paid $0.10 for every survey you get disqualified from.

You will be able to withdraw your money once you have earned at least $10. ClearVoice Surveys only offers one way of cashing out: Amazon gift cards. You can request for Amazon gift cards that you can use when shopping on Amazon.

Ways to earn money on ClearVoice

It’s obvious that you’re looking for ways to make money online. That’s the reason why you’re reading this review, right? Here are the ways to make money on ClearVoice Surveys:

Taking surveys: This is the most typical way to earn money on this site. The majority of your earnings will come from taking part in surveys. You will be able to take surveys for money once you have signed up and completed filling in your profile information. You can earn up to $20 per survey, although the majority of the surveys pay a dollar or less.

Answering polls: These are simple, short questionnaires that take less than a minute to complete, but don’t expect to make much money by answering polls.

Participating in sweepstakes: ClearVoice Surveys offers daily, weekly, and monthly sweepstakes with varying prize amounts. Right now, the highest you can win is a car. Anyone can gain entry by simply participating in surveys on ClearVoice Surveys.

Inviting friends: You may also earn money by referring people to ClearVoice Surveys. Every time you refer someone to the site, you receive $0.50 and an entry into the sweepstakes.

Sites like ClearVoice Surveys

ClearVoice Surveys is a great place to do online surveys; but, if you want to try out other survey sites, here are the best ClearVoice Surveys alternatives:

  1. Survey Junkie
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Survey Voices
  4. InboxDollars
  5. Branded Surveys

How to get started

ClearVoice Surveys is simple to use, and you can start earning money within minutes. All you need to do is set up an account and fill out the profiles to be served with more surveys. To sign up, go to ClearVoice Surveys.

Clearvoice surveys review

Enter your email and create a password for your account. Accept the terms and conditions and then press on the join now button.

Then scroll down and fill out your personal information. After entering your personal details, you must press the join now button below. Once your account has been created, you have to make sure that you confirm your email address. You need to confirm your email so that your account can be activated. Check the spam folder if you can’t find the email from ClearVoice Surveys in your inbox.

The next step is to fill out the profiles. You need to fill out these profile details so that you will be able to receive more surveys. And the details required of you are categorized into; personal, basic, purchase, employment, auto, and cell phone. ClearVoice uses this information to match you with the right surveys.

Clearvoice surveys review

After you’ve completed your profiles, you’ll be able to take surveys for money. Available surveys will be displayed on the account dashboard; simply select the survey you wish to do and begin answering it.

Is ClearVoice Surveys worth it?

It does not cost anything to take surveys in your spare time, so if you have some spare time, it is worthwhile to spend it on sites like ClearVoice Surveys to earn a few extra dollars.

However, there are numerous disadvantages to using survey sites to earn money. ClearVoice Surveys, in particular, has few surveys to take, a high disqualification rate, and few cash-out options. With all of these drawbacks, it is obvious that ClearVoice Surveys is not the ideal website for making money online. But, this does not mean that you can’t make money on ClearVoice surveys. If you are serious about making money online, check out this article on how to make $1000 a month.


ClearVoice Surveys is a legit website that compensates users for completing surveys. Once the user has earned a minimum of $10, they can easily redeem their money for Amazon gift cards. The website has been offering surveys for nearly two decades, making it one of the oldest and most reliable survey sites.

Yes, ClearVoice Surveys is a legitimate survey site, but should you use it?

In my opinion, I think ClearVoice Surveys is a share waste of time. Instead of spending your free time on sites like ClearVoice Surveys, I recommend investing that time in learning a high-income skill that will pay off handsomely in the long run.

In the meantime, go ahead and create an account on ClearVoice Surveys and try it out for yourself.

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